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Our Mission

Address the growing incidence of blindness in the world by developing and commercialising proven, therapeutically effective and cost competitive products for the treatment of debilitating eye diseases.

Our business focus is to develop state of the art and patented formulations of steroids for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases for both the front and back of the eye.

Our Business

The global ophthalmology market is valued at US$20B in annual sales. Key market drivers include an aging population as well as changes in diet and lifestyle globally leading to increases in diabetes and other metabolic disorders resulting in associated increases in disorders of the eye frequently leading to blindness.

These increasingly prevalent pathologies, resulting in part from the rapidly increasing incidence of age-related onset of diabetes in both the developed and developing world, are among the fastest growing causes of blindness.

Eye Co believes that there is a resurgence of interest in triamcinolone in the treatment of retinal diseases. This is primarily due to the emergence of refractility amongst the newer generation products. There is also recognition in the market that the performance of triamcinolone has not been surpassed and finally triamcinolone remains highly cost competitive.

Eye Co currently markets its own formulation of triamcinolone under the brand name of Vista+™, used to treat a range of degenerative eye conditions, including vitreous, retinal and macular oedema.

The company is developing improved formulations and new presentations of existing steroids designed to treat these degenerative conditions that produce fluid leakage and build-up in the back of the eye.

Our Strategy

Eye Co.'s commercialisation strategy is to capitalise on these trends by investing in early stage development of proven steroid based formulations and investing in protecting this intellectual property with a view of out licensing to global pharmaceutical and medical device companies which recognise the opportunity and have the drive, resources and infrastructure to bring these products to patients in need.