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Medical First Visagen MR�

Visagen MR is the company's most promising new product, and won over $1.4M in highly competitive cash grant awards since 2006.

The granted patents cover the administration of a therapeutically effective amount of a compound, or combination of compounds within a particular class, designed to modulate the activity of certain receptors within cells or tissue located in the back of the eye and responsible for central and fine vision.

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Welcome To Eye Co Australia

Eye Co Pty Ltd is a Victorian based ocular drug development company, dedicated
to developing new treatments for blinding retinal diseases, especially those
associated with diabetes.

In 2012, the company won the prestigious Commercialization Australia grant, and forged a
number of new revenue and research partnerships with leading eye clinics and universities.
Eye Co was founded in 2006 by Prof Philip Penfold, an academic, inventor and author of a
leading book on Macular Degeneration.

Prof Penfold had invented a new, steroidal-based approach to "exudative" and "edematous"
eye disease, and filed a new set of patents on his novel approach to treating back of eye disease.